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Some people are addicted to alcohol, cigarettes, or shopping. I am a sugar addict. Number one craving? Skittles. Close second is Starburst. If there is cake, I'm eating it. I don't turn down ice cream and I love sucrose filled drinks. It's a problem and that's why I'm doing something about it. I am going to refrain from eating any desserts, candy, muffins or the like for 52 weeks. There is one caveat — I will allow myself seven days out of the year where I can splurge. Any questions? Leave them in the comments and I'll do my best to answer them.


Sugar Cookies For Our Sweet Teachers

Tue, 06/08/2010 - 4:20PM by mrb929 0 Comments -

I feel like it was just yesterday when I made those apple rice krispie treats for my daughter's first day of school. To bookend the sweet year we've had with her teachers, I whipped up some cookies for them. My girl helped me pick out four cookie cutters — a crab (her favorite), a star, a water pitcher, and a moon. With a little icing and some creative thinking, the little packages of cookies turned out pretty cute. And for parents looking for an inexpensive but thoughtful way to toast your teachers, you can't beat sugar cookies but the temptation to eat them is overwhelming. Still I resisted.

Star- To honor the superstar teachers that you are.
Moon - May you sleep in and enjoy a lazy Summer like you only get to do once in a blue moon during the school year.
Gardening pitcher - It's time to stop and smell the roses or water your own.
Crab - In hopes of getting to enjoy some walks on the beach - maybe picking up some shells and spotting a crab or two.

These are so easy to bake that I'll be making a batch on my next sugar day, which should be in about a month or so. Only about 11 weeks left until my 52 weeks are up! And, yes, of course I will be going back to sugar. Hopefully not as much, but certainly for some.


These are fantastically cute and scrumptious looking. Your lil one's teacher is a lucky duck.


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